Adult League Details and Format:
• Separate leagues available for men and women
• Indoor Climate controlled Field House.
• Multi-use Sport Flooring – Taraflex Sport M Plus court surface
• Games are 40 minutes long. Two 20 minute halves with a 1 minute halftime. If game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be one 2-minute overtime period. If the game is still tied at the end of this period, then there will be a “Golden Basket” period with a jump ball. The team that scores first (whether it be a basket or a foul shot) is the winner.
• Limit 12 players per team (8 player minimum).
• All games will have a supervisor and professional referees.
• Scorekeepers, electronic scoreboards and online league standings.
• All teams will play a 10 game schedule and participate in end of season playoffs.
• Each team will supply their own jersey color which all players must wear.
• Games will be played between 6pm and 12am, Monday through Friday.
• Four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) per year with skill divisions.


League Descriptions and Registration Details
All leagues require you to register as a team. There are no individual registrations. The cost for each season is $1,000 per team. Payment must be made by a single check or one credit card transaction to cover the full cost of the team registration. All registration fees are due in full prior to your first league game.

League designed for the MOST competitive player who has played in a serious High School Varsity or Collegiate program. This is designed to be the most competitive league and is ONLY for those players with the required experience and conditioning. (The Phield House staff has the right to move a player if they are not able to compete at the appropriate level.)

MonMen's Open Gold6pm - 12am18+Jan 15/Mar 26$1,000Register Here
MonWomen's Open Gold 6pm - 12am18+Jan 15/Mar 26$1,000Register Here

League designed for the player that has high school playing experience and is in relatively good shape.

TueMen's Open Silver7:30pm - 12am18+Jan 16/Mar 27$1,000Register Here
ThuWomen's Open Silver6pm - 12am18+Jan 18/Mar 29$1,000Register Here

Designed for the recreational player with high school level experience or above and with the ability to compete for a 40 minute game.

WedWomen's Over 356pm - 12am18+Jan 17/Mar 27$1,000Register Here
WedMen's Over 356pm - 12am18+Jan 17/Mar 27$1,000Register Here