Our Story

Family Owned - Phield House, 814 Spring Garden Street

Developed out of a desire to create something that previously didn’t exist in downtown Philadelphia, Phield House is the vision of husband-and-wife team Mark and Rachel Solomon.

While spending way too many weekends trekking their two young sons from Center City to South Jersey and the far Philly ‘burbs’ to indoor facilities for practices, games and bouncy-house birthday parties, Rachel and Mark had long talked about the need to fill the indoor sports void in Philly.

Then they decided to make it happen.

Growing up playing sports and now raising two young athletes of their own, in the summer of 2016 Mark and Rachel were at a professional crossroads. Together, they agreed it was time to roll up their sleeves, get to work and pursue their shared passion for sports by opening a premier indoor sports facility on their home turf.

Through that Fall and Winter, their vision continued to take shape and momentum continued to build and by Spring 2017, Phield House was born. They built it, opened in November 2017 and today people of all athletic abilities and experiences come to Phield House and help to fulfill a dream come true.