Train with an elite trainer

Philadelphia’s Best Sports and Fitness Training

Phield House is unique in that we host some of the area’s best Sports and Fitness trainers who use our state-of-the-art facilities to host their private and group training sessions.  Train as much as you would like and find both the program and trainer that works for you.


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Spend Quality Instructional Time with the Area’s Best Trainers

Many people might be interested in scheduling sessions with a private trainer, but find out that they need to travel a distance or attend different classes in different locations. We have solved all of that for you by bringing some of the area’s most elite trainers to one, convenient location – Phield House.

Tons of Programs and Instructors, All in One Place

Lessons and training programs are held in Phield House’s state-of-the-art facilities, which include two turf fields, a multipurpose basketball/volleyball court, and batting cages and tunnels. We also provide a reception area, WiFi lounge, meeting rooms, and an all-purpose room for events for comfort and recreation. And our location in central Philadelphia makes it easy for anyone to access lesson with trainers.