Make Phield House Your Home

Phield House seeks to partner with local trainers and fitness professionals to offer clients and customers high-level instruction and training in our facility.  Our Trainer Membership program provides indoor space for trainers to work with their clients all year round.


We are currently not accepting new trainer memberships.  

Feel free to book space online or by calling us at 215.830.1940.



Climate-controlled space

Turf fields

Batting tunnels



$240 per month





Terms of Membership Plans
1) Book space during off-peak hours to train clients.  Call to verify seasonal peak/off-peak hours.
2) Rentals for training sessions may not be booked more than one week in advance.
3) Training sessions must be limited to 3 clients or less. Sessions with more than 3 clients may be booked as a class or appointment.
4) Members must adhere to the safety guidelines and policies of Phield House and the terms indicated in the membership plans. Members are required to register all guests with Phield House personnel. Guests must also complete a Phield House waiver upon arrival of their first visit. Failure to adhere to this contract will result in membership termination without refund.