Frequently Asked Questions

What are the field sizes?

We have two turf fields 30 yards in length and 15 yards in width.

How many people can I bring in?

The capacity for the fields and court is 15 people. 

What is the difference between the cages?

Our 70-foot cage and 55-foot cage are identical asides from the 15 feet of space difference. 

Do we have equipment and machines for the batting cages?

We have all of the equipment for the cages covered. However, we recommend bringing in gear if you have your own. Both cages are equipped with manually fed pitching machines that are interchangeable between softball and baseball. 

Do we have an open gym/membership or half-court passes for the basketball court?

No, we do not. The court is rentals only.  

Do we have parking?
    • Yes, we have a lot out front that wraps around the building. There is also free all-day parking on 9th street.