Health & Safety Plan:

(Update: June 14th, 2020)

The following is designed to provide a safe environment for Phield House program attendees and their families.  Guidelines are based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, the American Camping Association and the State of Pennsylvania.  

General Guidelines

  • Staff will be required to wear masks and/or face coverings
  • Campers are strongly encouraged to wear masks 
  • Restricted group size of 10 campers
  • Campers stay with group and designated counselor(s) throughout the day 
  • No drop-in/walk in sign ups will be accepted. Pre-registration only 
  • Hand sanitizing & washing stations readily available
  • Cleaning protocols throughout the day 
  • No sharing of equipment, food, water bottles, or personal belongings 

Daily Check-in/Pick-up Procedure

Camp arrival and departure will be different from our previous camps.  The front parking lot will be closed off in order for ‘Captain’ Kurk Watson to convert the area into an outdoor camp station and to assist in the management of wellness screenings upon arrival.  Therefore, we will be directing everyone to park on the side of the building or in the back lot for drop-off and pick-up.  You may still pull into the main parking lot off of Spring Garden St., but you will then be directed to continue toward the rear of the building.   Another email will be sent each Sunday evening prior to the start of a camp week informing you of your drop-off and pick up zone.  (This is not an indication of camper grouping.)  Please do not stop your car in front of the drop-off or pick-up Zones.  We are requiring all parents/guardians to park and escort your child/children to your designated area for check-in and daily wellness screenings.  

Standard camp day will end at 3:00 p.m. and children will remain with their counselors until a parent/guardian arrives at their designated Zone for pick-up.  Again, please park and walk to your designated Zone.  A staff person will escort your child(ren) to your pick-up Zone.  If you are carpooling please inform a Phield House staff member in advance so we can appropriately notify counselors and switch Zones accordingly.   

Zone 1: located on the side of the building closest to Spring Garden Street.  

Zone 2: located on the side of the building and is centrally located near the large garage doorway.

Zone 3: located on the side of the building, closest to the rear of the facility (Batting Cages).

Daily wellness screenings will be conducted by our staff under the supervision of one of our Camp Health & Safety personnel as per the following Philadelphia Department of Health COVID-19 Screening Tool. This document will be utilized by our staff for daily screenings.  Temperatures will be taken by using a no-touch infrared thermometer.

Philadelphia Department of Public Health

COVID-19 Screening Tool


Date: ________      Name: _____________________________________

TEMPERATURE:________°F​Temperature taken on-site ​Temperature taken at home IF temperature ​100.4°F or higher​ do not allow into the facility


Do you have any of the following? Cough Shortness of breath

If YES to either do not allow into the facility


Fever Sore throat Chills Muscle pain Headache New loss of taste or small

If YES to 2 or more do not allow into the facility


Does the individual have flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity), fatigue, or cough?

Yes No Comments:

If YES do not allow into the facility


Have you been exposed to anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days? Yes No Comments:

If YES do not allow into the facility

Immediately following the temperature screening process the child(ren) will be escorted to a hand washing station and a secure area to place their lunch box and belongings.  Each group will have its own designated section within the facility. 

Campers are not permitted to share personal equipment, food, drink, and water bottles.  It is recommended that campers bring their own water bottles, which they can fill using our hydration station. If purchasing pizza lunch or snacks at camp they will be served by our staff while wearing gloves and proper face coverings.

This process will be completed daily and daily attendance reports will include a section to indicate each child has passed the temperature check successfully.  We appreciate everyone’s patience with this very important process. 

Hand Washing 

Hands should be washed by anyone entering the facility, when moving locations within the facility, at the end of the day, as well as before eating or handling food and if a staff member has made contact with a camper to provide medical care.  Hands should also be washed after using the bathroom facilities, handling garbage, being outside and after sneezing or tending to a runny nose.

Hand washing should last for at least 20 seconds.  


  • Hands need to be washed before and after eating.
  • Campers and their counselor(s) will eat together with their group in a designated area, safely distant from any other group.
  • Campers will dispose of their own trash with counselor supervision.
  • Staff will then clean/disinfect the eating area after each meal/snack.

Sick Camper Policy

Parents will be required to review and sign a Parental Agreement Form confirming they will not bring their child to Phield House programming if their child presents any of the symptoms regarding COVID-19 or feels ill in any way.  In the event of a child presenting a fever, he or she will not be allowed to enroll or remain in our program until quarantined for fourteen (14) days and all symptoms have dissipated.  If a camper presents symptoms during the day, we will isolate and contact a parent or guardian for pick-up. 

We will notify families regarding any reported cases of COVID-19. 

Parent/Guardian Agreement

To protect our children and staff, I agree to keep my child at home if he/she has:

  • Fever (a temperature of 100.4 or more) Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell

If my child has any of these signs of COVID-19, I will not send him/her back to camp until:

My child tested negative for COVID and is otherwise well enough to go back to camp ​OR A healthcare provider has seen my child and documented a reason for the symptoms other than COVID


All are true:

  1. at least 10 days since the start of symptoms AND
  2. fever free off anti-fever medicines for 3 days AND
  3. symptoms are getting better.

If my child is diagnosed with COVID-19, I will not send him/her back to camp until the following:

  • It has been at least 10 days since my child first had symptoms ​AND
  • My child has had no fever off anti-fever medicines (ex: Tylenol, Ibuprofen) for 3 days AND
  • My child’s symptoms are getting better

If someone in my household is diagnosed with COVID-19 or my child is exposed to COVID-19, I will keep him/her home for 14 days.

If someone in my household develops a new cough, shortness of breath or two of the following: sore throat, chills, muscle pain, headache, new loss of taste or smell, I will get that person tested for COVID-19. If that person tests positive, I will keep my child home for 14 days.


Philadelphia’s Best Summer Camp Programs

Your child will enjoy days full of fun, play, and exercise during Phield House Summer Camps!

Join us at Phield House for the 2020 Summer Camp season! Captain Kurk Watson will be at the helm leading Creating Experience & Opportunities. Camp will provide a thrilling day full of exciting adventures and activities. 

Kids of all ages and with all interests can come enjoy a full day of activities, sports and socialization in our climate-controlled state-of-the-art facility.  Camp is open to children ages 6 through 14 and is offered on a weekly basis Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. For families who need flexible schedules, earlier drop-offs and later pick-ups are available for an additional cost.

Campers should bring their own snacks and water to camp every day and either bring lunch or purchase our pizza lunch special.

Weekly Camp Price: $299.00 

Summer Camp Sessions

Phield House offers 11 weeks of summer camp fun! Save by signing up for multiple weeks; discount automatically taken at checkout. Click on date to register!

June 15th-19th

June 22nd-26th

June 29th-July 3rd

July 6th-10th

July 13th-17th

July 20th-24th

July 27th-31st

August 3rd-7th

August 10th-14th

August 17th-21st

August 24th-28th


A Typical Day At Camp

Phield House Summer Camp begins with an opening ceremony which consists of stories, announcements, and warm-ups. Then, campers are lead through a variety of fun-filled, energetic activities that keeps them engaged throughout the day. Activities range from group sports and traditional camp games to something new and different developed by our highly trained staff.  After lunch, campers may hear from a guest speaker or entertainer before getting back to playing sports and camp games. The day ends with a closing ceremony which leaves all campers feeling motivated and full of energy.

Summer Camp Ad Ons

Phield House wants to make your summer camp experience as convenient as possible. We offer before & after care, which costs $10 per session. We also offer pizza lunch for an additional $6 per day. Both can be added during registration.

Before Care: 8:00a.m. Drop-Off

After Care 1: 3:00p.m.-4:30p.m.

After Care 2: 4:30p.m.-5:30p.m.

Camp Forms

Download camp forms and information by clicking on the links. The camp health & waiver form must be submitted in order for your child to participate. 

Camp Health Form

Phield House Waiver Form

Get In Touch for More Information About Camp at Phield House

Summer camp at Phield House will give your child the chance to have fun with other kids in a safe, comfortable, and interactive environment. Enroll above or call (215) 830-1940 for more information on how you can enroll your child in summer camp at the Phield House.