Make Phield House a Part of Your Regular Routine

Phield House now offers memberships for athletes and families!



$80 per month for an individual (one child)

$140 per month for family

  • Reserve space within the facility to train, play, run and have fun!  
  • Unlimited monthly access
  • One hour per day
  • Must book within 24 hours of each reservation
  • Must register via the app (in-person drop-in does not guarantee availability)
  • $10 guest pass fee

Terms of Membership Plans
Members must adhere to the safety guidelines and policies of Phield House and the terms indicated in the membership plans. Members are required to register all guests with Phield House personnel. Guests must also complete a Phield House waiver upon arrival of their first visit. Failure to adhere to this contract will result in membership termination without refund.